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Peter Faccibene
Peter Faccibene
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As an insurance professional with over 30 years of experience, I am dedicated to ensuring that every client is provided with comprehensive coverage to protect them from all potential risks. It is our mission at J.A. Faccibene & Associates to make certain that our team members focus on identifying, eliminating, reducing and transferring risk for our clients. Recognizing that clients have budgets, we work with them to secure the most appropriate insurance protections. 


In my role as vice president for the agency, I am responsible for working with and providing our team the tools, resources and training needed to serve clients. It is important to me that our sales professionals are experts in risk mitigation and they engender exceptional working relationships with clients and the insurance companies we represent.    


The insurance sector has changed and our agency has adapted successfully.  We are expanding our business, and to maintain this growth in the New York regional market, nationally and internationally, I am exploring and vetting opportunities. It is my goal and responsibility to identify new partnerships as well as potential acquisitions.


I started my career working in real estate and joined the agency a few years after it was founded by my brother. My experience in real estate and insurance sales, has given me knowledge needed to guide our professionals in serving clients effectively. We focus on building long term relationships and providing value. Today, we have an exceptional group of sales professionals who serve clients in a wide variety of industries, both domestically and internationally.  


We are “generalists,” and serve many sectors with special expertise in technology, biosciences, hospitality, beauty, real estate, marine, manufacturing and other industries.  


Advances in technology allow us to serve and communicate with clients more rapidly and efficiently. We have streamlined communications for the benefit of clients and introduced an app that gives commercial clients direct access to their accounts and tools for filing claims. This is a tremendous convenience for companies, especially those that employ, for example, 50 or more drivers who are issued ID cards or for companies that want to add or delete employees receiving health insurance coverage.


I enjoy entrepreneurial activities and working with people from different businesses.  With my brothers, I am co-owner and lead the management team of Shiro of Japan, a respected restaurant enterprise with multiple restaurants and corporate catering operations. I graduated from NYU with a Degree in Business Administration in 1986. I grew up in West Islip, Long Island, which has always been my home. I am married and have three adult children. I enjoy traveling, boating, fishing and golfing.     

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