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  Please speak with us about reviewing flood, business interruption, contingent business interruption, utility interruption, and off premise utility interruption insurance.

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Through our involvement in the New York New Media Association and The New York Biotechnology Association, J.A.F. Associates has developed the experience and expertise to serve the insurance needs of high-tech and life science firms. Our insurance products are not generic property and liability coverages, but are tailored to the processes that take place in these firms.

  Solutions for Tomorrow 
We are different because of the team of specialists we have assembled, composed of dedicated underwriters and customer service representatives trained in the fields of computer services and biotechnology. Claims specialists trained in law and professional liability will handle all claims stemming from the unique exposures presented by these firms. Loss Control specialists will conduct on site surveys to help identify hazards that could potentially cause a loss.

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Company News
   Congressional Flood Insurance Bill Gets Positive Initial Reception
The following article comes from the latest addition of the Insurance Journal A congressional draft of legislation to reform the federal flood insurance program would renew the program for five years, phase out most rate subsidies, tie coverage limits to the rate of inflation, vary the deductible by how subsidized the premium is, and allow the program to sell optional additional living expense and business interruption coverages.     
   Prior Featured Professionals
Rick Gelman's White Paper on Certificates of Insurance     
   Contractual Liability Exclusion
This exclusion is found on all Liability policies, amendable by endorsement.     
   When Is a Flood a Flood?
Exactly what does it take for water damage to be considered a flood in the terminology of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)? The answer might surprise you.     
   COI: Important, dangersous, and worthless?
Certificate and additional insured requests have escalated out of control, to the point that some agencies have devoted full-time staff to the certificate processing operation. Billions of dollars are spent by parties that issue and monitor certificates and endorsements, in addition to the lost-opportunity costs of agents who could spend their time more productively providing services to their own customers.     
   Privacy Infringement/Identity Theft/Data Breach
Identity theft is a low risk, high reward crime that is promulgated by criminals around the world. It knows no borders -- in fact, most identity theft that occurs in this country is carried out by criminals sitting at computer terminals located in other nations.     
   Eliminating Slips & Falls
Eliminating slips and falls can reduce insurance costs, miimize disruption to operations and preserve good customer relationships. Here are a few inexpensive, common-sense guidelines to help achieve those results.     
   Dishing Up Cyber Risk
As cyber criminals focus on small and mid-sized businesses with less network securities in place, restaurants have become a growing target for cyber crime. Learn how to protect your restaurant customers.     
   Small Businesses to Benefit from Healthcare Legislation
Tax credits in the health care reform law designed to offset health insurance premium costs mean that small businesses will be one of the first groups to benefit from the legislation, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund.     
   New York State Regulation No. 194
New York State Insurance Department Regulation 194 takes effect January 1, 2011, CLICK HERE to read our Compensation Disclosure.     
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